Do you have a guarantee/warranty?2020-08-08T08:08:50+11:00

We provide a 1 year warranty after shipment.  The jackets and the heating system are all made with top quality fabrics and parts, and if treated with care you will get many years of service from them.

How long will the heat last?2020-08-08T08:07:02+11:00

Battery life: high/medium/low Approx: 4 hours/5 hours/8 hours respectively.  (This does not include any external  charging of tablets and mobile/cell phones)

Can I be hurt by the power supply?2020-08-08T08:03:18+11:00

No, the jackets power supply is  only 7.4v. If the wiring  was cut in any way, the jacket would cease to operate.

How do we clean the jacket?2020-08-08T08:01:53+11:00

The jackets can be hand washed and machine washed on gentle cycle and cold wash.  Obviously all care labels must be followed and the battery needs to be removed.

Are the jackets waterproof?2020-08-08T07:59:58+11:00

For a jacket to be considered Waterproof, it needs to have sealed seams and pass rigorous testing. To be truly waterproof a jacket needs to be plastic or rubber.  All of our jackets are rated Showerproof, which means they will repel water for a limited time.


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