1. There is a LED button of 3 temperature settings for the heating systems – HIGH, MEDIUM and LOW.

2. Operating button control for the heaters at front and back.

3. Insert the plug on the heated products into the socket on the battery. Press the LED light button 1 second approximately, the product is ON at HIGH setting and the LED light is red, press the spot button again, the LED light is green and at MEDIUM. Press the spot button again, LED light changes to blue and at LOW setting. Press spot button, LED changes to red again, etc.

4. To turn the battery off, press the spot button for approximately 1 second, the battery is OFF.

5. DO NOT attempt to charge the heated products when they are in use.

6. If you press the spot button, but the LED indicator won’t turn on, it indicates the battery is low, re-charge the battery again.